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  1. nicole

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Just great candles without many words, I’ll buy them again

  2. Angela Skillen

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Was a gift.

  3. trrrre

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Super nicely packaged, the candle also looks very nice and of high quality, I can’t say anything about the figure when it burns down because it was a gift

  4. Anna Shuvalova

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Very beautiful

  5. u

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Beautiful. Great price. Again and again

  6. Andrea R.

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I gave the angel candle away for Christmas this year and it was very well received. The recipients also placed an order. These candles will definitely be given away more often now.

  7. wawa

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Fast delivery, great effect

  8. Sophie H.

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Always a beautiful special candle! 😊🧨

  9. Tinone

    ( 10 Reviews )

    The candle looks very nice, especially in the matching foot that I ordered, I gave it away and didn’t see it burn down.

  10. Larissa Schneider

    ( 10 Reviews )

    really wonderful! burn off very nicely! gorgeous!

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