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Brown leather sandals

Leather sandals with fringes at the front side and a unique comfortable sole that seems like anatomic.



– 100% Greek Leather

– 100% Handmade Sandals

– Anti slippery rubber sole / Jute sole

– Back heel height: 3.6 cm (1.41 in)

– Front heel height: 3.0 cm (1.10 in)

– The sole is lightweight and handmade with of high-durability rubber. You can enjoy miles of safety walk and sandal’s soles will be always on shape.

– Each pair of this leather sandals is unique. Sometimes has some small natural marks or light color irregularities. These are absolutely physical, as no chemicals are used.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Cowhide Leather, Genuine Sandals, Jute sole, Antislippery rubber sole


– Choose the size you are used to wear. If you have wide feet or fat calf, choose one size up.






5 Reasons Why Cowhide Leather is the Perfect Material for Your Next Purchase

When it comes to purchasing new products, one of the most important things to consider is the material. The material not only affects the overall quality of the product but also its durability and functionality. In the world of fashion and design, one material that has been gaining popularity is cowhide leather. Cowhide leather is not only stylish but also practical, making it the perfect material for a wide range of products. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why cowhide leather is the perfect material for your next purchase.

  1. Durability

One of the biggest advantages of cowhide leather is its durability. Cowhide leather is a tough and rugged material that can withstand wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for products that need to last a long time. Unlike synthetic materials that can easily wear out and lose their shape, cowhide leather will only get better with age. The natural oils in the leather help to keep it supple and prevent it from cracking or peeling over time.


  1. Sustainability

Cowhide leather is a more sustainable choice compared to synthetic materials because it is a by-product of the meat industry. Instead of being discarded, the hides are repurposed to create high-quality leather products. Additionally, cowhide leather products have a longer lifespan than those made from synthetic materials, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus decreasing waste. Finally, some tanneries use eco-friendly methods to process the hides, such as vegetable tanning, which utilizes natural extracts from plants, minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. Choosing cowhide leather products can help reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

What Is Cowhide Leather & How Is It Different From Other Types Of Leather.
Before going any further, you should know what cowhide leather meaning. Cowhide is the natural and unbleached skin and hair of a cow. Though it is a product of the food industry related to cattle, it is also very often processed into leather.

Cowhide leather is the result achieved through various processes, some more common than others, such as tanning cowhide leather.

Beginning with the careful selection of high-quality animal hides, these raw materials are subjected to a series of intensive processes starting with curing, then rewetting, followed by processes that work to meticulously remove all traces of hair and flesh impurities.

What follows is the critical leather tanning phase, during which hides are treated with agents like chromium salts or vegetable tannins that serve to strengthen the fibers and lend durability to the leather.

With the added touch of dyeing and finishing, these once ordinary cowhides now emerge as the leather, ready to be crafted into an array of stylish products that ultimately populate our wardrobes, homes & more.

As with all things, leathers too vary to some degree among themselves. Cowhide may be better than goatskin in some respects, whereas goatskin may be better than cowhide in others.

Below we differentiate between cowhide and other types of leather, namely sheepskin, goatskin, and lambskin. Mainly due to the fact that these are the types of leather most commonly used. And from here, you can know different types of cowhide leather as well as it’s popular uses.

In matters of strength and durability, cowhide is a lot better than lambskin. Although not so surprising, lambskin is way better than cowhide with regard to stretchability. Somewhat similar to sheepskin. As far as weight goes and again not so surprising, cow leather weighs more than lambskin and also does a much better job than lambskin concerning insulation.

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See 2nd Photo, Compare With a Pair of Yours

36 EU – 6 US Women, 37 EU – 6.5 US Women, 38 EU – 7.5 US Women, 39 EU – 8.5 US Women, 40 EU – 9 US Women, 41 EU – 9.5 US Women

Reviews (4)

  1. swest563

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Absolutely love love this sandal. It looks exactly as pictured. Great quality, superbly made. great and answered quickly when I had questions. I will be ordering again and again…

  2. Andrea

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Very great sandals. Very comfortable, well processed and chic. Although they had a long journey, they arrived at me at lightning speed, well packed with dust bags 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😊

  3. Michele Kirkey

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Beautiful sandals! I’ve been searching the internet for sandals like these – that had a slight platform and leather. Handmade and from Athens is a plus. Even after going around Europe on vaca, I didn’t see anything comparable. Thank you – very happy with my purchase!

  4. Coralie Tran

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Wonderful shoes, with good quality leather. I need to brake them a little but even during the first days, they were comfortable enough to walk with during several hours. Exactly what I was looking for and seller send it super quickly to make sure I would receive them on time for my summer trip. Love it !

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