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About the artist:” I am inspired by the beautiful textures and colors of the sea. The Cape Cod sunrise and sunset are always changing, creating an amazing palette that I can draw upon when I work” – Judith Stiles, OF EARTH AND OCEAN. All metals are carefully burnished, plated, and gently hammered to create a lovely surface. Largest circle approx 1″ diameter.




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  1. L. Elliott

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I love these earrings. I bought a pair that looked exactly like these a decade ago in an airport gift shop the moment I saw them. I wore them often because the different metal colors made them work well with so many of my clothes and necklaces. Sadly, I lost one of them several weeks ago and finally gave up searching after I realized it had probably fallen off in a parking lot somewhere. What a thrill to find a replacement pair on kinu! These have a little more detail than the original pair (there was no obvious stamping in the metal on the first ones) and the french hooks on this pair are a better quality. I’m so happy to be able to wear my beloved earrings again! If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves earrings, these are a great addition to anyone’s jewelry box–they go with everything and they’re that perfect not-too-big and not-too-small size. I will continue to reach for these most mornings now that I have a matched pair again, and the old single one will eventually become a matching pendant.

  2. Lisa

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I love these. I wanted them when I first saw them, and got a pair for my sister in law for Christmas. She loves them too. They are made well, and came very fast. I ended up getting another pair for another sister in law, because when she saw them she wanted a pair. We are all very happy with this purchase. I would recommend these.

  3. IrishLass

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I ADORE these earrings! I went on an Kinu earring buying spree a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t been wearing any earrings in a couple years. Thankfully the holes were still working lol but I didn’t want heavy earrings. I looked at a ton of them…and when I saw these I ordered them immediately. As others have said…the tri-tones will go with anything…plus they are sooooooooooooo comfortable and light you almost forget they’re on! Which can be a problem if you have long hair and reach for the have to remember not to take your ear with it :) But I liked these so much I sent a pair to my niece for her birthday-she loved them too! I love jewelry that has a ‘story’ to them and come with little cards and/or are packaged for gifting, whether it’s for you or to give to someone else……….that extra touch is what makes me want to come back to a company…and I will with this one…..will no doubt order the necklace for both of us too now. And they come on a cute little card……..I have loved the Cape for years and this is just extra special. Great shopping experience!!! GREAT earrings!!

  4. NyasaK

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I had a pair of earrings like these years ago. They were my absolute favorite. I have no idea what happened to them and I always longed for another pair. The other day I was searching for copper hammered earrings and these were included. I could not believe it! I just stared for a minute. I then saw they were from an artist in Cape Cod and as one who knows Martha’s Vineyard every summer and that artist community I knew they were genuine. As soon as I opened the package(the box is nice and the card with earrings on them) I put them on and they look gorgeous! They are the right size. Not too big and not too small, just beautifully noticeable. They have a nice light weight to them and they are of definite quality and composition. Just love them. I ordered a second pair and the necklace as well. The one with the bolder chain. Great find! Don’t hesitate.

  5. Rea T

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I love these to the moon and back. The mixture of metals means that they can go with different types of jewelry (not that I typically wear much). I was a little worried that they would bother my ears, since I haven’t worn earrings in ages due to irritation. The first day I wore them my ears seemed a bit itchy, but after using a solution for pierced ears for a few days I’ve found that I can wear these with absolutely no problems. I was also worried that they’d be too heavy, but they really aren’t. Love them, and plan to buy more from this seller.

  6. EOS

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Gorgeous! I bought these along with the goddess necklace and a cuff bracelet, and they are stunning. I bought some jewelry cleaner if they get tarnished. Truthfully, I think a bit of tarnish would just add to the patina, but that’s me.

  7. patty s.

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I really like these earrings! Perfect size for my petite stature and they don’t look too long for my face! I was looking for copper only earrings but nothing seemed quite right. Having three different metals I can wear gold, silver and copper jewelry. I like options! They are very light and I hardly know I’m wearing them. So happy I bought them. Visited Wellfleet many times so they remind me of the simple beauty of the Cape. Will shop in the future at this site again!

  8. ZenDogs

    ( 10 Reviews )

    These are wonderful earrings. Haven’t bought earrings in a while. I got the necklace and like it so much decided on the earrings. Glad I did. Perfect gift item. I am allergic to nickel and these are without nickel, cadmium and other crappy ingredients.

  9. Janae

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I loved them. I can’t stop wearing them. I did not take them off since I received them last Thursday. It came right before my Birthday. I was so happy. They served a dual purpose. They were the right size and the right 3 colors. Those earrings go with all of my jewelry. I tried to order them before but they were sold out before I could put them on order. So let me know ahead of time when they get more styles in.

  10. KS

    ( 10 Reviews )

    These are much nicer than I was expecting. Good quality metal that is well made with no rough spots, not heavy at all, and the hook doesn’t irritate my ears (I’m sensitive to a lot of cheaper hooks). Will definitely order more styles from here!

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