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These earrings just spoke to me! I love the artisan vibe they evoke. I haven’t seen anything else out there quite like it so I’m thrilled to offer it to you. I hope that you love the unique style of these as well.

Who are these earrings for? If you appreciate handmade funky perfectly imperfect in a statement earring that is also light weight, these earrings are for you! 🙂

I personally can’t comfortably wear earrings that are over 5 grams in weight, so I’m on a continued search for unique lightweight earrings like these





Diamond, Hexagon, Rectangle, Round, Triangle

Reviews (10)

  1. Mia S

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Love these earrings! So beautiful, not heavy and most importantly very different!

  2. Blondae

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I bought these for my son’s teacher, I thought she might like them, they seemed like her style, I hope she did! I sure liked them, I was like “Wow, I wanna keep these!” Lol but I let my son give them to her as a Christmas present with some other things. They are shiny, sparkly, even, they may come off as “natural”, but they arent drab. They are also a good size.

  3. Skullmama

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I have purchased several SPUNKYsoul items and every one is beautifully made and very reasonably priced. These earrings have a nice weight not too heavy but not at all flimsy. Nice size — big enough to be a statement but not too huge or too tiny. They’ll go with a lot of outfits because of the different colored metals. They were packaged carefully and shipped quickly. Customer service is always great I always get emails asking if I’m satisfied. I will continue to purchase from them in the future! Highly recommended!

  4. Ni Hi

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Love these earrings! I owned a pair just like them years ago and wore them everyday until I either lost or broke one….Went back to purchase another pair in my city but they didn’t have another pair . I paid a bit more for they were more ‘rustic or bronzer’? They were my favorite! Completely taken by surprise when I came across these here at Kinu! Same design! Unfortunately after wearing them for two days I lost one earring on my way home from work. The night before I dropped one of the plastic earring backing and couldn’t find it taking them off before bed and decided to wear them anyway to work the next day… big mistake … will be purchasing another pair and will remember to bend the hook so they stay secure on my ear. I know who has them 😁

  5. Mary D.

    ( 10 Reviews )

    These earrings are just so gorgeous! I orderd them for myself, but when they arrived, my sister was visiting. So when she saw them, she fell in love with them as I did, so I handed them over on the spot and blessed her with these! Then I went back on Kinu immediately and reordered them!! That’s how cool these earrings are, just wonderful! This photo does not convey how beautiful they are in person! Pretty sure anyone purchasing these will agree!

  6. GandYMac

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I love these earrings. I love the design of these. When they arrived I was pleased with how lightweight they are. The size is perfect, the weight is perfect. The packaging was wonderful and could have easily been ordered as a gift. The packaging was very thoughtful, which I appreciated. I will definitely order gifts and feel comfortable enough to send directly to recipient.

  7. M. Dickson

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I bought these as a ‘Father’s Day’ gift for my wife–who better to celebrate than the one who made me a father?! She LOOOOOOVED them, and I can see why–funky yet stylish with an ethnic vibe, versatile to dress up or dress down. And, with both silver and gold tones, they pretty much go with whatever she’s wearing. A bonus is they are made by hand and no two pieces are exactly alike, always appreciated over something that is mass produced. Well done, SPUNKY soul!

  8. Jeannie

    ( 10 Reviews )

    I ordered 2 pairs of earrings from the SPUNYsoul Collection, both arrived today. OMGosh, I had THE hardest time deciding which pair to wear for the day, I absolutely love them both!! I’m sooooo happy that I ordered both of these earrings but the problem is going to be, which to wear. Maybe I need to get my ears pierced again so I can wear both!! (Just kidding!!) I will probably buy more for gifts. (I’m going to copy and paste this review on the other pair also, in case you see this twice.)

  9. kathleen hutchings

    ( 10 Reviews )

    WOW! I received these earrings just a few days ago and am incredibly impressed. These earrings look so much more expensive then what I paid for them. They look like I bought them from an upscale art show. Very Very nice. They have a great length as well.I have purchased a few other SPUNKYsoul pieces and have not been disappointed at all. Its a great brand.

  10. Kindle Customer

    ( 10 Reviews )

    Being obviously handmade adds to their charm. More shiny than expected, these 3-colored earrings are perfect with my style. My only complaint is that my ears immediately began to hurt, but that is on me as the description made no claim to being hypoallergenic. I am very pleased with the design and workmanship.

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