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Astonishing Crystal Fox Fur Coat Fur jacket Women’s

A crystal fox fur jacket . Made of pelts coming directly from Northern Finland . Thearctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality . This fur coat is brand new, silky, plush and supple . Ultra low weight and ultra high insulation index . Features a lucious and impressive collar . Inner lining is made of silk and has a nice black pattern . Two side pockets and three furrier hooks & loops for closure . In addition a luxury neck button. Flattering and classic , ideal for all silhouettes . A special technique is used to create this sophisticated pattern . A flat area at the top of the back and around the shoulders which was made by using the front legs of the skin . And again at the bottom sweep , all the way around , trinagular fluffy areas alternating with reversed triangular flat areas.

All sizes are available .

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