Our Vision

To become the best at connecting small and local independent stores in Europe so that our customers can find the most unique goods.

Our Mission

Making unique handmade products available to customers regardless of distance. Strengthen small stores' opportunities to continue to create something valuable for our customers who value unique products.

Who We Are

An online handmade marketplace in Europe. .KINU is based in Denmark and reading our company name backwards, then it says UNIK. Which is translated to uniqueness in english. We are a growing eCommerce business, which specializes in handmade products. We are now connecting online shoppers with independent small local boutiques, in European market.

We don’t have a warehouse, we don’t have stock. We believe there is more than enough products in the market and we believe that unique and creative goods is coming from physical local boutiques. It’s the feeling, the service from the local sellers that we’re trying to capture and bring online.

Best ethical, sustainable and organic clothes shops

Everywhere we look, the world is taking strides to becoming more ethical. We’re more conscious now about everything, from what’s on our plates as well was the clothes hanging in our wardrobes. 

In the fashion world, consumers are choosing fair and ethical fashion. Both Fair and ethical fashion go hand-in-hand. The fashion industry has always been hurtful for animals, labors, and the planet.

Today’s fashion is choosing veganism, eco-friendliness, sustainability, and socially right clothes. Sellers are innovating new ways every day to make fashion more ethical and cruelty-free. Consumers are moving towards the brands that serve them the best quality without comprising on animals, labor rights, and the planet during the manufacturing process. 


What about us?

At KINU, we believe that together we can help protect the environment, as well as our health, by living and supporting an all natural and organic lifestyle. Our team is committed to encourage our Unique independent stores to provide consumers with ethical, sustainable and organic clothes. Made with love and in a  natural and organic chemical-free, toxin-free, vegan, pure and natural. According to European standards. Read more.


Is Handmade Clothing Good for the Environment?

The clothing industry is the second largest polluter (after oil) – and its manufacturing and production processes create many environmental issues. ‘Fast fashion’ dominates our high street. Consumers used to love ‘fast fashion’ very much. Because it is easy. We choose something, buying it, having it delivered within 24 hours and wearing it – or sending it back if it doesn’t fit! But more recently we have come to realise that clothes manufactured cheaply and quickly to fulfil our need to ‘have it now’ is damaging our planet.

When you buy handmade clothes, not only do you get something unique and individual to you that is likely to fit better than something off the peg, you are also getting something that is kinder to the environment and manufactured and produced in an ethical way. One of the points is needed to be considered is that handmade clothing is an environmental- friendly process. It does not try to spread harmful things like gases, and heat. On the other hand commercial ways of making the clothes are needed heavy robotics machines which release so much heat towards the environment.

That is very harmful for those who are working around the machine. And another thing is that it wastes an enormous amount of energy, and produce unfavorable gases to the environment. The commercial way of making clothes the wasted is dump into the ground and the water. So there are no such issues with handmade clothing.

No wasting of clothes  

The fashion of clothes is seasonal. If any kind of fashion is running at the market so that kind of clothes is sold but which clothes are already made on large scale, and are not in fashion, come in the category of waste. But in the case of handmade clothing, the clothes are made in slow fashion. So there is only a micro chance of wasting of clothes.

So handmade clothing is the best option in any aspect like fashion, durability, reliability of color, smoothness, environment-friendly, etc.  These clothes can get customized as per your requirements within a few days. This process gives the job to those who belong to the handicraft background and who are good at crafting.

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